Your game-changing design guide is back for the Second Edition

Once in a while, something comes along that changes the ball game completely.

We created The Stramit Book of Answers® (NCC 2019) to do just that. 

We’ve done the work for you, so you can make initial decisions on the go, taking an informed step towards compliance with current building codes and standards. 

Our latest edition of the Stramit Book of Answers® is here, ready to go – just download below to get started.


Stramit by Design

The Stramit Book of Answers® can help you quickly and easily make those initial design decisions, suited to your job's environment. 

It helps break down the design process into easy-to-follow steps, with worked examples to help you get started on a complete steel building solution.

The Stramit Book of Answers® is designed to be the first step towards making the right decisions. It contains only the key elements you need for design before you get into the detail available from our other resources like installation instructions and technical manuals.