Stand out with Stramit's Sharpline™ Architectural Cladding

28 January 2020

Choose Stramit's SharpLine™ cladding for a visually striking profile, offering design versatility with its tall, sharp ribs and flat pans.

As an innovative standing seam profile and part of the Stramit Architectural Range, SharpLine™ cladding will give you a beautifully textured finish and contemporary styling for years to come.

SharpLine™ cladding is a modern, versatile solution which integrates seamlessly with other building materials.

Create texture using shadow and light, by playing with a wide variety of cover widths and differing rib heights. Choose to use it either as wall cladding or a roofing profile.

You’ll also know exactly how SharpLine™ cladding performs because we can provide the data you need, plus you’ll be covered by a materials warranty and supported by our technical team.

We've thoroughly tested to the latest National Construction Code standards, with testing data now available

Head over to the SharpLine™ Architectural Cladding product page or contact your Stramit Account Manager for more information.