Stramit team helps Tanzania church become a reality

15 April 2021

It’s not uncommon for Stramit to supply building materials to remote sites.

Products are frequently shipped out to all corners of the country, putting roofs over heads all across Australia. But the Knoxfield team  tackled a slightly different project – supplying metal roofing to a church in Tanzania.

Yes, that’s right – Tanzania, Africa.

One of our account managers received the request from a team at the Catholic Parish Kison in Arusha, who were after top quality roofing materials.

“Referred from a loyal customer, the church group got in touch – they were looking for something that would stand the test of time.

“They also needed to make sure that our product was strong enough to hold up in transit – all the way to Tanzania, which we were confident we could deliver,” he said.

“I am extremely proud of our team and how everyone engaged to deliver the perfect solution.

“From estimating the intricate building all the way to meeting their special delivery needs, the Stramit team went above and beyond to service the customer,” he said.Stramit’s products stood up to the transport challenge, arriving in Arusha in good condition and on time and the Parish Church team were impressed.

David Sajfar, on behalf of the Parish Parish Church and the project team, sent his thanks to Craig and the rest of the Stramit team.

“Whilst the Parish could have sourced its roofing materials anywhere in the world, the product of choice was Australian Steel from Stramit,” he said.

“Your product quality, advice and willingness to assist was second to none and something we will never forget.”

The church’s roof utilised 1,600m² of Monoclad® cladding with a full complement of rainwater products, tools and fixings, chosen for strength and ease of use. The project team stressed that their installers weren’t used to Stramit’s product, so it had to be easy to use while meeting their durability needs.

“To many people, it may just be a roof on a building but to us in Arusha, Tanzania, this Parish Church is the focal point of our community, and something that brings people together for the good of all,” said David.

“We may not have much, but we think we now have the best-looking church in Africa.” 

We’re so pleased that David and his parish now have a place to support their local community.