Steeling up for seaside living

24 April 2019

When award-winning architect Peter Hosking from Quattro Architects was asked to design a new family home at Mona Vale beach, he knew he’d have to take the corrosive effects of seaside living into account. That’s where Stramit’s quality products really came into play.

Peter has been working with Stramit’s technical services team for years so he knew they had roofing products that would complement the house’s contemporary design and stand up to beachfront conditions.

“The home features a 264m2 butterfly-design roof so I was looking for a contemporary steel roofing profile. However it’s located on a cliff face and fully exposed to the elements – ruling out 90 per cent of the steel building products on the market,” he said.

“We went with Stramit’s Speed Deck Ultra®, coated in Magnaflow®, because it’s ideal for low pitched roofs and gave us the added protection we were looking for.

“Speed Deck Ultra® is a commercial profile you don’t typically see on residential projects, but it was the perfect product for the house’s distinctive roof line. Roofers also like working with it because it’s quick and easy to install.”

When it came to specifying the rainwater accessories for the house, Peter couldn’t go past Stramit’s range.

“Rainwater accessories are an important part of a roof system, so it’s important to get that right. Stramit has a great range of gutters, downpipes and waterheads so it was easy to find products to complement the roof design. You’re hard pushed to find better,” Peter said.

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