Stramit's got you covered with roofing and wall cladding for any architectural style or application.

We manufacture a wide range of profiles to suit all types of projects, from houses and home improvements, through to large-scale commercial and industrial developments.

Made from COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steel or MagnaFlow®, our profiles are built to Australian standards and fully tested. We also make available a range of technical information to help you with product selection.

SharpLine® Architectural Cladding arrorw-black-right

Unleash your creativity and let texture take centre stage with the latest from Stramit's architectural range.

architectural residential commercial

AvantaLine® Architectural Wall Cladding arrorw-black-right

Create a captivating design statement with a smooth, seamless shadow effect


Stramit® Corrugated Roof and Wall Cladding arrorw-black-right

Stramit's Corrugated cladding is a traditional roofing profile enhanced by modern materials and finishes.

traditional roofing residential commercial architectural sheds

Stramit® Curved Corrugated and Bullnose Roof Cladding arrorw-black-right

Accentuate the look and feel of corrugated roof and wall cladding with Stramit's Curved Corrugated and Bullnose cladding.

traditional roofing residential commercial architectural sheds

Stramit Monoclad® Roof and Wall Cladding arrorw-black-right

A balanced design of water-carrying capacity, wind load performance and simple fixing makes Monoclad cladding versatile to use.

long run roofing low roof pitch water-carrying capacity commercial industrial sheds transportable buildings residential Residential

Stramit Longspan® Roof and Wall Cladding arrorw-black-right

The long spans and striking lines of Longspan cladding provide economical and versatile design options.

architectural commercial residential spanning capacity wind load performance

Stramit CapacityPLUS™ 660 Deep Roof Cladding arrorw-black-right

Excellent water drainage and wind load performance make this profile the perfect choice for large roof areas.

water-carrying capacity wind load performance low roof pitch commercial industrial residential

Stramit Speed Deck Ultra® Concealed Fixed Decking arrorw-black-right

Speed Deck Ultra's longer lengths offer unrivalled performance, water-carrying capacity, security and concealed fixing.

water-carrying capacity wind load performance low roof pitch commercial architectural long run roofing residential spanning capacity

Stramit Speed Deck® 500 Concealed Fixed Decking arrorw-black-right

Supplied exclusively in Tasmania, Speed Deck 500 is lightweight and strong, with improved damage resistance.

low roof pitch commercial industrial long run roofing water-carrying capacity

Stramit K-Panel® Wall Sheeting arrorw-black-right

A low profile, K-Panel's wide cover cladding is ideal for smaller buildings and sheds.

sheds residential

Stramit Monoclad® Wall Sheeting arrorw-black-right

A strong and economical profile, Monoclad wall sheeting is ideal for industrial or agricultural buildings.

spanning capacity commercial industrial

Stramit Mini Corry® Panelling arrorw-black-right

A corrugated look-a-like, Mini Corry is a versatile wall cladding that brings architectural features to life.

architectural commercial

Stramit Minirib® Panelling arrorw-black-right

The wide cover and low rib height of Minirib makes for near-flat panelling suitable for a range of applications.

transportable buildings commercial industrial

Stramit Monopanel® Wall Cladding arrorw-black-right

Easy to use, Monopanel wall cladding features concealed fixing and traditional lines that enhance any house or shed.

sheds commercial residential architectural

Stramit® C-Clad 280 Wall Sheeting arrorw-black-right

Easy to use, C-Clad 280 sheeting features traditional lines and concealed fixing to enhance any house or shed.

sheds commercial residential architectural

Stramit® Premier 300 Architectural Cladding arrorw-black-right

Stramit's Premier 300 is the architectural panel of choice for commercial structures.

architectural commercial residential

Stramit Sunset® Patio Panel arrorw-black-right

The clean, glossy soffit lines of Stramit's Patio Panels enhance any home with outdoor living areas.