• Numerous purlin lengths and spacing that meet a broad range of ceiling requirements
  • Termite Resistant
  • Non-combustible components
  • Quick and easy to install – fast track construction with pre-cut and prefabricated components
  • Dimensional stability
  • Will not warp or twist and remains stable for the life of the building
  • Simplified and cost-effective solution, especially on large projects
  • Provides ample and safer access to services installed above ceilings, such as a walking platform*

*With approved engineering

  • Can be supplied in ZAM® material for adverse environments

Where to Buy

Stramit account holders can buy Stramit ceiling components from their local Stramit office. Extended Bearer and RHS sections need to be sourced through local steel distributors. We do not sell direct to the public but our products are stocked by retail outlets across Australia.


This product is available Australia-wide. Lead times may vary depending on location.

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General Information close-medium-white

Stramit®  Ceiling Framing System sections and packs should be handled with care. Packs should always be kept dry and stored above ground level while on site.

If the sections have become wet, they should be separated, wiped and placed in the open to promote drying.

Contact our technical services consultants if you require further information or advice for your local conditions and practices.

Stramit ceiling sections are supplied with a length tolerance of +0-10mm.

Technical Information close-medium-white

All connections used to connect the Stramit® Ceiling Framing System to the rest of the structure should be capable of withstanding the required gravity, lateral, wind and all other applicable loads and actions.

All screw fasteners must comply with Australian Standard AS3566 Class 3.

Generally, any suitable 10 or 12-sized fasteners will connect the flooring components. Fasteners must not be positioned within 15mm of any metal edge.

Stramit ceiling sections can be supplied to any nominated length as long as it falls within the ceiling section span range. The tolerance on lengths supplied is +/- 10mm for ceiling sections.

All Stramit ceiling sections are available custom cut to suit the installation requirements.

Installation Information close-medium-white

Should cutting be required, use a power saw with a steel cutting blade or a power nibbler. Avoid the use of abrasive discs as these can cause burred edges. Please dispose of any off-cuts carefully and thoughtfully.

Steel framing must be temporarily earthed during construction and then permanently earthed in compliance with applicable regulations.

Consideration should be given to handling and installation issues as part of site induction safety procedures. Specific consideration should be given to packing, handling, avoidance of cuts, trips, slips and falls, long section handling, particularly in windy conditions, section cutting procedures and surface temperature on sunny days.

Wear safety glasses with side shields when cutting or trimming products. Cut resistant or leather gloves should be worn when handling the product. Foot protection should be worn when handling and transporting products.

Stramit recommends installers follow the installation code for metal roofing and wall cladding as outlined in the Standard Australia Handbook – HB39.