• Suitable for severe environments
  • Aluminium, zinc and magnesium material elements combine  to form a protective barrier on the coating surface over time
  • Provides additional protection for Purlins and Condeck
  • Replaces the need for higher coating weights
  • Provides raw edge protection and is concrete compatible and scratch resistant
  • Can replace stainless steel and aluminium in some applications


ZAM® is a registered trade mark of Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd.

ZAM coated steel has a bright, uniform appearance that ages to a satin-like metallic finish. Like galvanised steel, it can be welded, touched up using zinc-rich paint and, if required, post-painted or decorated in the same way as galvanised steel.

Stramit products that can be roll-formed from ZAM coated steel include:

  • Z&C Section purlins
  • Downturn lip purlins
  • Lapped downturn lip purlins
  • Condeck HP® Composite Slab System
  • Floor framing
  • Floor decking

Where to Buy

Stramit account holders can buy ZAM® coated Stramit steel products from their local Stramit office. We do not sell direct to the public but our products are stocked by retail outlets across Australia.

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This product is available Australia-wide. Lead times may vary depending on location.

News and Case Studies

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Queensland will soon have its first mega cruise ship terminal, using Stramit quality products.

The new $177 million Brisbane International Cruise Terminal will have purpose-built facilities to accommodate some of the world’s largest cruise vessels, including mega ships such as the Royal Caribbean International's 293m-long Radiance of the Seas.

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General Information close-medium-white

ZAM® coated steel is not resistant to bimetallic corrosion. It should not be installed in contact with copper or be subject to run-off from copper products.

If nestable profiles become wet while closely stacked, formation of wet storage stain or ‘white rust’ is possible. To minimise the possibility of inadvertent damage:

  • Inspect deliveries on arrival. If moisture is present, individual sheets should be dried immediately with a clean rag and then stacked and filleted to allow air to circulate and complete the drying process.
  • Well ventilated storage is essential. Always store metal products under cover in clean, well-ventilated buildings.
  • Cross stack or fillet sheets where outside storage is unavoidable and make provision for a fall to allow water to run off.
  • Cover the sheets.

ZAM® coated steel complies with the Type ZM coatings requirements of AS1397:2011.

Stramit® Purlins or Stramit Condeck HP® Composite Slab System produced in ZAM® material are not suitable for those applications involving water or soil immersion. The life of the ZAM® coating is dependent upon the environmental conditions.

Please contact your local Stramit technical consultant for advice on predicted coating life based on exposure conditions referenced by AS4312 – Atmospheric Corrosivity Zones in Australia.

Technical Information close-medium-white

A Nisshin Steel statement of Durability is available from Stramit, giving coating and steel specifications. A Performance Statement is also available confirming that ZAM® coated steel has at least three times the life of galvanised steel for similar coating thicknesses.

To maintain the overall system durability, all fasteners, like screws or bolts used with Stramit® Purlins or Stramit Condeck HP® Composite Slab System, should be high quality hot dipped galvanised components. Stainless steel is not recommended.

ZAM® coated steel can be touched up with zinc-rich paint and, if required, post painted or decorated in the same way as galvanised steel with due regard to the correct use of primers.

To ensure aprpopriate quality producted are used in construction, comprehensive specifications from Stramit's relevant Product Technical Manuals should be included in the design documentation, including reference to ZAM® material.


Installation Information close-medium-white

To cut ZAM® coated materials, use the same techniques given in the relative product section.

The installation of any ZAM® coated product mimics the instructions given in the relevant product section

Please refer to the SA HB 39:2015 Installation code for metal roof and wall cladding for correct installation guidelines, particularly in regard to underlays/building papers, penetrations, flashings, fasteners and pitch.

ZAM® coated product does not normally require paint touch-up. The superior corrosion resistance of the ZAM® coating will protect the base steel for scratches or raw edges. For added protection, if required, simply apply a zinc-rich paint to any blemishes to the ZAM® surface.

Maintenance Information close-medium-white

The service life is extended by regular washing. A mechanical wash every six months is recommended, more often if contaminants build up. At these times inspect for damage and failing fasteners, and repair these.