Our gutters, fascia, downpipes and custom rainwater products are lightweight, durable and available in styles and colours to suit any project design.

At Stramit, we offer a range of rainwater products specifically designed to accommodate varying amounts of rainfall across Australia. Ask your local Stramit team about design possibilities and made-to-order options.

Stramit® Quad Gutters arrorw-black-right

Classic in design, Stramit's Quad gutter profiles work well with traditional or contemporary homes.

guttering residential traditional roofing

Stramit® Square Gutters arrorw-black-right

Stramit's Square gutter range offers unique and stylish gutters for home improvements through to commercial projects.

guttering water-carrying capacity commercial residential

Stramit® Half Round Gutters arrorw-black-right

The classic lines of the Stramit Half Round gutters enhance any architectural design.

guttering water-carrying capacity commercial residential

Stramit® O-Gee Gutter arrorw-black-right

A traditional architectural shape, the O-Gee gutter is the perfect gutter profile for Australian heritage homes.

guttering traditional roofing residential

Stramit® Capping arrorw-black-right

An essential rainwater product accessory, Stramit's Capping products maintain roof sight lines while providing added protection.

commercial residential

Stramit® Fascia arrorw-black-right

The simple yet elegant lines of Stramit's Fascia products ensure your gutter solution remains straight and true.

guttering commercial

Stramit® Downpipes arrorw-black-right

Stramit's Downpipes are made in a range of profiles to blend seamlessly with your roofing solution.

commercial residential

Stramit® Flashing arrorw-black-right

Add the final touch with Flashing precision-engineered and designed specifically for Stramit's product range.

commercial residential

Stramit® Commercial Gutters arrorw-black-right

Precision made and performance tested, Stramit's commercial gutters are a smart choice for industrial buildings of scale.