Stramit CapacityPLUS™ 660 has Visy warehouse covered

15 December 2020

Stramit’s quality products were used in one of the largest industrial projects to be completed in Sydney this year for a new 50,000m2 Visy warehouse distribution centre in Penrith.

Visy Glass (formerly known as Owen-Illinois) is a globally leading manufacturer of packaging products, and has Australia’s largest glass container manufacturing plant. Experienced warehouse builder, Texco, was engaged to consolidate the Visy manufacturing and warehouse facilities on one site because they had previously been located several kilometres apart, which impacted supply chain efficiency.

For construction, contractor Skyview Roofing installed 50,000m2 of Stramit’s CapacityPLUS™ 660 cladding for the warehouse roof and 12,000m2 of Monoclad® cladding for the walls. The CapacityPLUS™ 660 profile was chosen for its excellent water-carrying capacity at a low roof pitch.

Ardian Muslic, project manager, Skyview Roofing said, “We chose Stramit because its highly regarded service capabilities are perfect for largescale warehouse projects. Stramit also provides one of the best roof profiles available that is screw-fixed and can be installed at a low one-degree pitch.”

“The large pan and 50mm-high ribs of the CapacityPLUS™ 660 give the roof sheet a superior rigidity and longer spans, which feels much stronger underfoot and can reduce purlin numbers and, therefore, save construction costs. Both the CapacityPLUS™ 660 and Monoclad® were also fast to install. It was surprising how quickly the CapacityPLUS™ went down and was so easy for our construction team to install.

“Stramit’s commercial team delivered on the company’s service promise by helping confirm our specifications for this largescale project, and the Stramit production and delivery teams ensured our large tonnage, long-length roof sheet delivery was there when we needed it.”

Despite the challenge of a significant rain event that caused flooding and site delays during construction, the Visy warehouse distribution centre project was completed on time and on budget.

The new warehouse distribution centre is located adjacent to Visy’s existing manufacturing plant, allowing the company to bring its warehousing and manufacturing requirements onto the same site. The proximity of the two facilities will reduce Visy’s transfer costs, while supporting its commitment to implement greater sustainability measures.

Chris Lambert, commercial projects manager, Stramit said the Visy project was one example of the growing popularity of CapacityPLUS™ 660 in the New South Wales market.

Chris Lambert said, “CapacityPLUS™ 660 is already extensively used in Queensland and the Northern Territory. Even though this product has only recently been released in New South Wales, it has already been used on a number of largescale warehouse projects, and our customers are appreciating the high ribs and subsequent rigidity and quality of CapacityPLUS™ 660. The asset owners are also happy with the significant construction cost savings that the product provides due to the reduced purlin and concealed clip that is required with other popular profiles.”