Discontinuation of 45 degree accessories from 30 October 2020

8 September 2020

Following changes in market demand, we'll be discontinuing our current range of 45 degree rainwater accessories. These products will no longer be available after Friday 30 October 2020.

The following Stramit product codes will no longer be available:

QN115CAE45**** Quad 115 Gutter Cast Angles Ext x 45° (2 piece)
QN115CAI45**** Quad 115 Gutter Cast Angles Int x 45° (2 piece)
QV115CAE45**** Hi Front Quad Gutter Cast Angles Ext x 45° (2 piece)
QV115CAI45**** Hi Front Quad Gutter Cast Angles Int x 45° (2 piece)
OGCAI45**** O-Gee Cast Angles Internal 45°
OGSCAI45**** O-Gee SA Cast Angle Int 45°
OGSCAE45**** O-Gee SA Cast Angle Ext 45°
FBEC45**** Fascia & Barge Board External Corner 45°
FBIC45**** Fascia & Barge Board Internal Corner 45°
HRG150CAI45 Half Round Gutter Cast Internal 2 Piece Corner 45°
HRG150CAE45 Half Round Gutter Cast External 2 Piece Corner 45°


We’re committed to making sure you have what you need to keep your business running and your customers happy. If you believe you will be impacted by this change and would like to discuss options, please contact our local Sales team.

To find other products which may be suitable for your next project, our Product and Service Guide for your region contains a full list of available accessories.