Stramit's delivery service is tailored across the country to suit local conditions and comply with council requirements.

Delivery times

Stramit's delivery service varies across Australia, so please refer to  the Product and Service Guide for your area to ensure you take into account our delivery schedule when placing your order.

Specific delivery times

Specific delivery times can be arranged when placing your order. Simply request an 'on site time' and your delivery time and day will be confirmed. Special delivery times outside normal working hours will incur additional charges, which will be provided when you place your order.

 Site delivery instructions

We want to make sure we can safely and efficiently unload your delivery when we arrive on site. Completing the Site Delivery Instruction Form ensures we have all the information we need to plan for a smooth delivery and unload.


Our deliveries are undertaken in accordance with local council or site requirements. Our driver is responsible for unloading the delivery if it can be:

  • handled by the driver alone, or
  • craned off to the ground level using a truck-mounted crane.

 Our customers are responsible for unloading the delivery if the products are:

  • more than 13.5m long, or
  • exceeds the truck-mounted crane reach and loading.

 Major projects

Major project work deliveries are negotiated separately. Contact your account manager or local Stramit office for more information.

Customer pick-ups

To arrange a pick-up, please contact your local Stramit office at least 1 day before the proposed pick-up to organise a loading time. The same applies if you organise for a carrier to do the pick-up on your behalf.

Long length deliveries

Specific times of travel for the delivery of long-length products do apply and will vary according to the time of year. Long length dimensions are defined differently across regions so please refer to your local Product and Service Guide


In cases of particularly long-length deliveries, you will be required to arrange escorts, which we can help you with.  Please note that it can take a minimum of 28 days to organise a Police Escort permit.