Stramit ready for NCC changes

28 January 2020

Stramit has emerged as one of the first Australian steel roll-formers ready to meet the National Construction Code’s (NCCs) tough new changes regarding windloading.

The changes came into effect on 1 May and are designed to make buildings safer for all Australians, requiring all structures to withstand higher internal pressure, if the door or window in the dominant openings are not certified for the applied wind pressure. 

Stramit General Manager Paul Tudor welcomed the changes given Stramit’s commitment to safety, as well as its long-term dedication to developing products suitable for Australia’s tough conditions.

“The changes relate to wind regions A and B, where wind loading will be higher – areas that are home to most of Australia’s population.

“For decades, we’ve invested heavily in creating products that are safe and can stand up to Australian conditions time and time again.

“Our National Research and Development Centre has poured thousands of hours into rigorously testing our products, so we know they’re up to the challenge,” he said.

If you would like to learn more about this important industry change, visit the National Construction Code website. You can simply create your own log in to download a free copy.

To discuss suitable Stramit products and your project, phone Stramit’s Technical Services team on 07 3803 9869.